Partner with us to grow your business and expand your reach. Our partner program has been developed to promote mutual growth and provide the best of both worlds.

How will you benefit?

The FUEB partner program has been developed to create an opportunity for both FUEB and its partners in coming up with home automation solutions for the market incorporating a mutually beneficial relationship. The Partners’ infrastructure in terms of hardware and technology are put through a thorough vetting process to maintain a high quality of products and services. The result of this partnership is the co-development of home automation devices, products and smart solutions which are leading edge in technology when compared to other products in market.

Why become a partner?

Experts in terms of Development. Understanding and Leveraging technology.
Immense Value creation for partners and investors.
Scalable business models with attractive revenue generation models.
Unwavering focus on innovation & along with nurturing budding engineers and their passion for technology

Our Partners

Tech Corp